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Content Marketing for Engineers

I'll go out on a limb and state that content marketing for engineers is different. Yes, I do get it that the lines between work and personal lives have blurred thanks to today's hyper-connected world where everybody is always "On." And I agree that at the end of the day, marketing to engineers is still all about communicating with people. Call it P2P (People-to-People) marketing if you will.

Creating Your Online Presence as Medical Writer

Once you have completed your first few jobs, you need to define yourself as a competent Internet medical writer. The reality is that writing for the Web is different from writing for other media, even consumer orientated print media like magazines. Make sure that you clearly understand the difference.
Most clients will not publish your work with your name so as to take all the credit. So you ma...

Digital Marketing for Engineers

Most engineering marketers are creating more content in 2017, according to our 2017 survey of engineering marketers research report.
All this rush to create content is, not surprisingly, leading to an abundance of poor quality content. This flood of content increases the competition for every post you publish, and the fight for each search term becomes more intense.<...

Can I quit my day job?

Don't quit your day job yet. We all started as freelance medical writers, working after hours, while we kept our regular jobs during the day. Eventually we managed to break free from the rat race and pursue full time careers as online medical content writers.
It was not easy. It did not happen overnight. But we made it happen for ourselves. Never quit your day job until you get a ...